My name is Paul Aarntzen. I’m a Canadian songwriter, producer, engineer and artist. My work has been nominated for JUNO, ECMA, FIN Atlantic International Film Festival, Nova Scotia Music, and Canadian Folk Music awards. I’ve written songs for bands and solo artists. Music I’ve made has appeared in film, TV, and on radio.

If you’d like to talk about hiring me for songwriting or composition work, please drop me a line.

If you’d like to talk about having me mix or produce something, please check out the Mixing & Production section below for more information.

Shout Co. operates out of a private studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Though I sometimes have clients in to record, the bulk of the projects I mix and produce are tracked elsewhere and then finished here.

Most mix sessions are unattended, but if you live in the area, you’re welcome to come by. Revisions are free and unlimited (within reason). I’m not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

If we’ve never worked together before, I’ll mix your first song for no money up front. If you like it, you pay me. If you don’t like it, you pay nothing (but you can’t release the mix). This is a handy way for us to determine whether we work well together, and it’s risk-free for you.

If you’re interested in talking about working together, please send me a note.

Hillsburn - Slipping Away

Who: Hillsburn (LHM Records)
What: Songwriting and engineering. I wrote all 12 songs on Hillsburn’s Slipping Away album (music & lyrics), and did some additional engineering.

Rube & Rake - Leaving With Nothing

Who: Rube & Rake (LHM Records)
What: Mixing. I mixed nine of ten songs on Rube & Rake’s album, Leaving With Nothing.

Who: Classified
What: Songwriting. I wrote and sang the hook for Classified’s song, “Pick Your Poison” from his Time EP.

Who: Classified
What: Songwriting. I wrote and sang the hook for Classified’s song, “Fallen” from his JUNO-nominated album, Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change.

Hillsburn - The Wilder Beyond (2018)

Who: Hillsburn (LHM Records)
What: Songwriting, engineering, mixing. I wrote the 10 songs songs on Hillsburn’s 2018 album, The Wilder Beyond. I also engineered and mixed the album.